Software Developer


Hey there! I'm Beth.

I'm a professional software developer in Ithaca, NY.

When I'm not coding, you might find me re-watching The Office, drawing, or pleading to the videogame gods for better teammates in Halo 5 multi-player. I also like to write and volunteer.

At work and in life, I aim to emulate my biggest values: compassion and continuous growth. Aside from all the mushy stuff, I believe compassion can lead to clearer communication, better code, and more insightful solutions to problems - all things which benefit the users, coders, and business alike.

Coding On the Clock

I have 4 years of professional experience developing software for - GiveGab, the Nonprofit Giving Platform.

My skillset includes:

  • Full-Stack Web Development
  • Mentorship and Planning
  • Ruby, JavaScript, and SQL

Coding On the Couch

Sometimes I code for fun, too!

My personal projects include a couple websites, some small games, and a carshare calculator.

In the Community

As a co-organizer for Ithaca Web People, I help coordinate monthly meet-ups where web professionals share their knowledge and interests. It's a great way to learn new things about tech.

As an active contributor to IWP, I've delivered two talks: an informative presentation about Stripe's Ruby API, and a brief presentation about software project estimation. I have also led a round-table Q&A session between professional developers and local computer science students.

I've logged over 130 volunteer hours since the summer of 2014!

My favorite volunteer destinations include: