Featured Projects

Ruby Racko - race to sort your rack of cards by number.

  • Ruby: 100%
Last Activity: 01/06/2018

Milton-Bradley owns "Racko" in real life. This is an imitation.

Although still a work in progress, you can play "Ruby Racko" right now. Play against up to three computer players, or challenge your friends!

"Ruby Racko" is a command-line version of Milton-Bradley's "Racko". Each player starts w...

The Unofficial Ithaca Carshare Trip Estimator

  • JavaScript: 97%
  • HTML: 3%
  • CSS: 1%
Last Activity: 01/01/2018

The Unofficial Ithaca Carshare Trip Estimator allows users to estimate the cost of a carshare trip without committing to a reservation.

Simply input your plan, desired vehicle type, the data and duration of your trip, and expected mileage. The estimator will deliver a detailed breakdown of the f...